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deserve a Home.

animal rescue at Lake Martin

We take in abused & neglected animals and rehabilitate them for foster place & adoption.


Fill out an adoption application to start your journey to finding a furry friend for your family.

give supplies

Donate supplies like pet food, bedding, or cover veterinary expenses for animals in need.


Provide a temporary home for an animal in our care as they wait for permanent placement.

we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

all donations are tax-deductible

Please consider completing your secure donation directly on our website. All financial gifts are used to provide avenues to permanent placement for the animals in needs at Lake Martin Animal Sanctuary.


we assist animals in need

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animals rescued since 2017

With no state or federal funding, we have been able to do this with the help we have received from our own personal earnings, donations from people like you, and from our wonderful vet that has had the same goals at heart.


in rescue expenses in Jan '23

We need the people in our community to help us by donating so that we can continue helping more and more animals. From reuniting to finding new homes. From rescuing the dumped or unwanted to rehabilitating the sick or injured…. we have and we will continue to help animals and people.


a proper facility

Having a 1200 square foot facility will enable our organization to house more animals on-site, easing our reliance on the network of foster parents in our community. We started construction on our building in 2021 and plan to finish renovations by Summer 2023. If you would like to contribute to our Building Fund, please consider making a donation today!