about Lake Martin Animal Sanctuary

saving lives, 4 paws at a time

about Our Mission

we love animals

We are an animal rescue for the Lake Martin area. We take in abused and neglected animals and rehabilitate them for adoption and foster placement. 

we connect animals
and humans

we love all animals

We help people keep their animals by providing the information their human friends may need to do so. We help people find their lost pets and help lost pets find their people. 

who we are

Hi, I'm Jennie Zinn

I grew up always loving every animal I would come in contact with, always needing an animal to care for, and always wanting to save every animal I found. 

As an adult I have always had animals of all kinds. When I moved to the Eclectic area, I found that many people allow their animals to roam freely around the Lake, and this results in missing animals and found animals needing help. One day, two dogs showed up near my home, and I picked them up. They were both very skinny and eating on a deer carcass. I got them both vetted and found their owner who decided he no longer wanted them and told me to keep them. That was my first rescue here in the Lake Martin area. 

After fostering them myself and finding them both wonderful homes, I decided that was what I wanted to do more. From that point on my animal rescue formed. I received my 501(c)(3) in January of 2017 and have rescued over 500 animals since then as a foster-based rescue. 

I only have a few people who foster for me from time to time so I am only able to take in a few dogs at a time. The foster process allows me time to get each animal the vet care they need while they are being prepared for adoption. Many times, I am in a rush since I lack fosters, which leads me to transferring many of my animals to other rescues that have more resources than I do. 

My family and I moved on to our new land in late 2020. In 2021, I started working on building the new rescue building. The building will house animals on our property where we also reside, which will allow me to be more involved with the animals myself and not have the struggle of finding a foster home in order to accept an animal in need into my rescue. 

Once the building is completed, I will need to spend more time with the animals and less time working my full time job. This is also something I will need to prepare for when that time comes. Let’s work together to save more lives!

Fill out an adoption application to start your journey to finding a furry friend for your family.

Donate supplies like pet food, bedding, or cover veterinary expenses for animals in need.

Provide a temporary home for an animal in our care as they wait for permanent placement.