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foster care saves lives

temporary housing

Want to help a pet in need but aren’t sure if adoption is for you? Consider our foster program. Foster care is temporary care and shelter for our animals that are either too small, sick, injured or need socialization. We are looking for patient and kind adult volunteers to participate.

we'll help you

we cover expenses

Animals are placed in foster care for a period of time. For the duration of foster care, the Lake Martin Animal Sanctuary provides food, any necessary medications, a crate, a collar and leash (for dogs), a pet carrier (for cats), and training for the volunteer. All the foster needs to provide are love, attention, and proper care for the pet.

be a foster parent

please review our requirements and responsibilities for foster pet parents

1. foster requirements

  • be at least 21 years of age
  • be able to provide references and identification
  • consent to a home visit
  • have reliable transportation should the animal need vet care or be brought back to us for any reason

2. foster responsibilities

  • Provide a loving and nurturing environment for the foster animal
  • Feed, medicate and groom the foster animal as instructed by Lake Martin Animal Sanctuary
  • Isolate personal animals from the foster animal for the duration of the foster period, unless specifically given permission from Lake Martin Animal Sanctuary to do otherwise
  • Ensure the safety of the foster animal
  • Observe and report any changes in behavior, health or temperament to Lake Martin Animal Sanctuary
  • Keep the foster animal under your care for the designated time period